Honourable Mentions

A new section for the blog, this is where we have a brief look at media with vampires that are, perhaps, too short to warrant a full review or in which the vampiric element, whilst there, plays such a minor role as to make the media not really vampiric, though it does contain a vampire. Honourable mentions will also be given to those media that are free on the net.

Picture borrowed from a Zombie Astronaut post.

Roll of Honour

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
8 Masters
30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust
30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 
60 Seconds to Die
60 Seconds to Di3
60 Seconds to Live
100 years of horror
The ABCs of Death
The ABCs of Death 2
ABCs of Death 2 ½
Abnormal Attraction
Absence of Light
A Clockwork Orange
Adult Wednesday Addams: Babysitting
The Adventures of Young Van Helsing: The Quest for the Lost Scepter
Adventure Time: Season 1
After School Lunch Special
Airship Dracula (episode 1)
Alice in Terrorland
Among the Living
Ángeles y Querubines
Ang Panday
A Night of a Thousand Vampires: The Damned
Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories
Las Antropófagas
The Apple
A (Schizophrenic) Love Story
A Vampire's Tale
Bad Monsters
Barackula: the Musical
Bara no Konrei
The Barcelona Vampiress
Bathory: Memoir of a Countess
The Batman Chronicles vol 1
the Beast and the Magic Sword
Becoming Vampire: Difference and the Vampire in Popular Culture
Billy and Mandy’s Big Boogey Adventure
Bite Me
Bite: Pavane for a Vampire Queen
Black Cat Mansion
Black Magic Woman
The Black Tavern
Bleed 4 Me
Blood and Bone China
Blood and Bone China - The Vampire of the Villas
Blood Bags
Blood Countess (2015)
Blood Countess 2: the Mayhem Begins
Bloodlust (1977)
Blood Lust (2016, feature)
the Bloodlust Horror
Blood Moon Rising
The Blood of the Dinosaurs
Blood on Méliès' Moon
Blood Runners
Blood Soldier: Interrogation 
Bloodsucking Darkness
the Bloody Parrot
Body Double
The Book of Fate
Born to Boogie
The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween Special
The Bowery Boys meet the Monsters
The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers
The Bride of Dracula
Bring me the Vampire
Brood of the Witch Queen
Buck Wild
Bugs Bunny in Transylvania 6-5000
Buppah Rahtree 3.2
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: Wirewolf
Call me Crazy
El Camino de los Espantos
Cannibal (2010)
Cannibal Apocalypse
Cannibal Tick
the Cannonball Run
Captain Hook: Vampire Hunter
Captain Planet and the Planeteers: the Energy Vampire
Carmilla: A Play in One Act
Carmilla Hyde
Carmilla: the Harlequin Production
Carmilla - Season 0
Carmilla - season 1
Carmilla - Season 2
Carmilla - Season 3
Carolina Grindhouse: Anderson's Own Horror Movie
Carry on Christmas (1969)
Casper's Scare School
Cast a Deadly Spell
The Castle of the Carpathians
Castle Rock
Castlevania: Hymn of Blood
The Cave
Chabelo y Pepito contra los Monstrous
Char Man
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - season 3
Christmas at Draculas: Montage
the El Chupugcabra
The Cleveland Show: A Nightmare on Grace Street
Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2
the Code
Conte Noir
Corrective Measures
The Count of Monte Cristo
Count Von Count
Creatures of the Night by Rosie Lugosi
Creepshow 3
Creepshow: Model Kid
Cry of the Werewolf
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations – Suckers
Cult of the Cobra
The Curse of La Patasola
Curse of the Devil
the Curse of Valburga
Cutie Honey
Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
Dance on Fire: Flash Point
Dan Nastro's Dracula
The Dark Below
Dark House
the Dark Path Chronicles
Dark Realm
Da Vinci's Demons - the Devil
Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes
The Day Watch - novel
Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill)
Dead Packet
Dead Snow
Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead
Deadtime Tales 2
Dead Vision
Death Smiles at Murder
Death Trance
Debbie Does Demons
Demons 5
The Devil's Lover
Devil's Vendetta 
Dino Boy in the Lost Valley – the Vampire Men
Dívka na Kosteti
Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake
Doctor Who - Journey into Terror
Doctor Who - Smith and Jones
Domain of the Damned
Domina Nocturna
Doomsday County
Door to Door
Doses of Horror
Dracula (2009)
Dracula Ad 2015
The Dracula Chronicles: Bound by Blood
Dracula (on LongShorts)
Dracula: Origins
Dracula Reborn No. 1
Dracula's Journal
Dracula - the Dark Prince (2000)
Dracula (VCU Theatre production)
Dracula Unleashed
the Dragon Lives Again
Dreaded Light
The Dresden Files (vol 1-6)
Dust Devil
the Dybbuk
Ed Wood
Egomania: Island Without Hope
die Einsteiger
The Electric Company
Emotion: densetsu no gogo = itsukamita Dracula
Epitaph: Bread and Salt
Evil Angel
Eyes of the Dead
Fables for the Witching Hour: Vol 1
Faces of Schlock
Fade to Black
The Fall of the House of Usher
Fallout 3
Fangs for Nothing
Fantasy Mission Force
Father Brown: The Mask of the Demon
Female Werewolf
First Bite
The First Vampire: Don't Fall for the Devil's Illusions
Flesh Eating Mothers
The Forbidden Room 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Frankenstein and Me
Frankenstein el Vampiro y Compania
The Freakshow Apocalypse: The Unholy Sideshow
the Friday Night Death Slot
Gamera Guardian of the Universe
Gamera Vs Guiron
Gamera Vs Viras
the Games of Countess Dolingen of Gratz
Genuine - a tale of a vampire
Getting my Brother Laid
The Ghost and Master Boh
Ghost in the Water
Gilligan's Island - Up at Bat
Girls Gone Gangsta
Glee: Theatricality
Going Postal
Gong Tau
Goodbye Light
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
the Graveyard Book
The Gray Man
Gremlins 2: the new batch
Greywood’s Plot
Halloween Hell
Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge
Halloweentown High (scroll down)
The Hand That Feeds the Dead
Hansel, Gretel, and the Sensual Witch
Hawaiian Ghost Stories
La Herencia Valdemar
Hell & Eden
Hellboy (2019)
Hell Hath no Fury
The Herd
Hocus Pocus (1984)
Hi-8: Horror Independent 8
Holiday Hell
the Horror of it All
Hostel: Part II
House of 1000 Corpses
House of the Wolf Man
House on Bare Mountain
Huluween Dragstravaganza
the Humanoid
the Hunt for Vlad the Impaler
I am Omega
I am Weasel - I am Vampire
The Illmoor Chronicles book 2: The Yowler Foul-up
I Love You to Death
Immoral Tales
The Impaler
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire
In Fabric
the Informers
Interplanetary Revolution
Irma Vep (series)
I Sell the Dead
Ismail Yassin Meets Frankenstein
Juan of the Dead
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 8
Jupiter Ascending
Justice League
Kid from Kwang Tung
Killers Within
Kill Zombie!
Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave
Kung Fu Wonder Child
Kuntilanak 2 (2019)
Lady Blood
Lamia Vol 1 & Vol 2
Last Exit for the Lost
Last Goodbye
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:Century:1969
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, vols 1 & 2 & Black Dossier
Legend of Aerreus Kane
The Lego Batman Movie
The Lego Movie
The Letters of Mina Harker
Let the Old Dreams Die
Let us Prey
Like a Bat Outta Hell
Lilith's Hell
Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters
London after Midnight
Long Hair of Death
Lore: They made a Tonic
Lost in New York
Love Bite
Love Bites
Lovecraft Country
Love - Zero = Infinity
M (1931)
M (1951)
M (graphic novel)
Mad Mutilator
The Magic Christian
Magic Girl
The Magic Sword
The Man from the Diogenes Club
Mansion of Blood
the Manuscript Found in Saragossa
The Master and Margarita (novel)
The Master and Margarita (2005)
The Matrix Reloaded
Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
Meet the Blacks
Micah & Strange Candy
Midsomer Murders: Death and the Divas
Mighty Mouse in the Jail Break
Minty the Assassin
Minutes Past Midnight
Monk – Mr Monk’s 100th Case
Monster Brawl
The Monster Demolisher
Monster High: Ghoul's Rule
Monster Night
The Monster Pool
Monster Pool Chapter 4
Monster Pool the Second Chapter
Morbius the Living Vampire (short)
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bone
The Muppets Take Manhattan
Murnau the Vampire
My Boring Zombie Apocalypse
The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians
My Vladislaus Dracula
Nachts in Den Karpaten
National Lampoon’s Class Reunion
Nelly Rapp: Monster Agent
Nemesis of Fire
the Neon Demon
Never Land
Never the Bride
The New Watch
Night Angel
The Night Gallery - A Matter of Semantics
The Night Gallery - A Midnight Visit to the Neighbourhood Blood Bank
The Night Gallery - How to Cure the Common Vampire
The Night Gallery - Miss Lovecraft Sent Me
The Night Gallery - Smile Please
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Night of Dark Shadows
Night of the Fools
Night of the Living Dead
Night Terrors
Night Thirst
Nikos the Impaler
Ninjas Vs Zombies
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2
Northanger Alibi
Northern Ballet Presents Dracula
The Obsidian Curse
The Omega Man
One More Time
Others - Under the Sunset
Out are the Lights
Ouvert 24/7
Paris Je T'aime
Paris When it Sizzles
the Phantom Eye Pig Blood Vampire
The Pink Panther and Friends – Pink Plasma
The Pink Panther Strikes Again
Plasma (2002)
Population 1
Il Prato Macchiato Di Rosso
Pretty Dead
Pretty When she Dies
Psychopathia Sexualis
Raven Gets a Life
Reaper – I want my Baby Back
Red Scare
The Retreat
Revenants (1852)
Les Revenants (2004)
Rick and Morty: Big Trouble in Little Sanchez
Rick and Morty: Full Meta Jackrick
Rick and Morty: One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty
Ripper Street: A White World Made Red
Rivers of London
Room 6
The Runner
Sanctuary - Revelations part 1 and 2
Sanctuary - Season 2
Sanctuary - Season 3
Sanctuary - Season 4
the Saragossa Manuscript
Sawney: Flesh of Man
Scare Me (2020_II)
Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy
Die Schlacht der Idioten
Screech of the Departed
Scrubs - My Tormented Mentor
Scrubs - My Urologist
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Set Up
Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye
Shadow of a Doubt
Shadow People
Shaitan's Warrior
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead: Ultimate Power
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – the Retreat
Shopping Tour
The Short films of Rebecca Groves
The Show
The Silence of the Hams
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror IV
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXI
The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror: Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha
Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbour of the Beast
Skulduggery Pleasant
La Sombra del Murcielago
the Sorcerer and the White Snake
Soul Reaper
South Park - the Ungroundable
Spider-Man (1995, cartoon)
Spider-Man (1997, Cartoon)
Stake This!
Stan Helsing
Star Trek: Nemesis
Strange Battle
Street Trash
Strippers Vs Werewolves
Stuck in the Darkness
Suck and Moan
Sun Burns: A Sequel to Love Bites
Supernatural - Monster Movie
Tales of Terror
Teenage Bikini Vampire (scroll down)
Tenderness of the Wolves
Terror Tales from the Horror Library
the Texas Chain Saw Massacre
the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Third Shift
Thirst (2006)
Three... Extremes: Cut
the Three Stooges - Space Ship Sappy
Trese: Season 1
Through the Mirror
Tin Man
Tiny Toon Adventures – Stuff that goes Bump in the Night
The Tom and Jerry Show: Vampire Mouse
the Transient
Trick r Treat
Unearthed: The Curse of Nephthys
Unhappily Ever After - Ryan the Vampire Slayer
Universal Dead
Unveiling: The Horse Demon
the Unseeable
the Vampire (Ricky Kelley)
The Vampire Assassin (2007)
Vampire Clan
Le Vampire de Düsseldorf
Vampire Free Style
Vampire Killers
Vampire Mob - season 1
Vampire Mob - season 2
Vampire of Quezon City
Vampire Prosecutor - season 1
Les Vampires
Vampire Terrortory
Vampire Zombie Werewolf
Vampirism Bites
Vampiri Su Medju Nama: Ćao Inspektore 2
el Vampiro Negro
The Vampyre by John W Polidori
a Vampyre's Story
Van Helsing (2023)
Van Von Hunter
The Vetala
Vial of Youth
Viy (1996)
Viy: The Lost Tapes
The Wailing
Warlock Moon
The Warrior from Shaolin
The Watch
Waxwork 2: lost in time
We Are What We Are (2010)
Wednesday (season 1)
the Werewolf and the Yeti
Werewolf by Night
The Whitby Witches
White is for Witching
Wilhelm the Dwarf Vampire
the Wings of Dracula
the Witcher
Witch's Night Out
Without Warning
Wolf Devil Woman
Wolf Manor
Wrong Way
Wyrmwood Apocalypse
The Young Ones: Nasty