Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honourable Mentions: Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Not, by any stretch, the sort of film that would normally float across my awareness – the trailers of the 2008 vehicle seem much to RomCom for my tastes – this has suddenly become another evidential example of the theorem that vampires get everywhere.

Firstly I must thank Derek, who emailed me and mentioned that, during the film, there is a vampire puppet show. He gave a link to YouTube, where some wag had put the full clip. I’m not going to link to it as the chances are that the clip will be vanished, as I doubt it was licensed!

Van HelsingNevertheless, it offered me the opportunity to watch probably the only part of the film I’m interested in and, as Derek pointed out, it is a shame that we can’t get the full puppet show! The scene we see is the finale, with Dracula and Van Helsing.

stakingA battle between the Count and his nemesis, ending with a spectacular (foam rubber) leap and a burying of the cross into Dracula’s chest as the maiden – and I think we can safely assume she is Mina and that the vampire bride calling for his extermination was Lucy – falls to his side, devastated by his imminent death.

MinaHowever, this is more than it seems as she confesses to the Count that… she is pregnant. Leading to the fall of a litter of bat winged babies from her loins – I kid you not. The whole scene is excellently written, which bodes well for the rest of the film – if it is your sort of movie – Derek mentions that the scene is a crucial one in the main film. Indeed elsewhere in the film the character Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) sings Dracula’s Lament, also from the puppet show musical.

A brief vampiric appearance, which leads to further evidence that vampires get everywhere and, thus, an honourable mention. Finally apologies for the screenshots which were from the YouTube embed.

The imdb page is here.


Derek "Ruthven" Tatum said...

I've been told it is a crucial scene, at any rate. I especially like the singer's "Dracula" voice. It's close to Type O Negative's Peter Steele, which adds an extra humour element for me.

I see that the Dracula songs are on the soundtrack, so there is a temptation factor for me to acquire it.

Great write-up!

Uranium Willy said...

I am not familiar with this at all but am curious. As usual you share some very obscure and interesting material. A few posts back you wrote about Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters and I ave always wanted to see that to be honest since seeing a clip on youtube. I think it may be an H. Gordon Murry (SP ?) production. he helped to distribute a lot of the Mexican horror stuff.

Great material again.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi Guys

Derek, now you've mentioined the Peter Steele element I see it!

Bill, this is a brand new one - not long out of cinemas, so the fact that it hasn't surfaced in China yet isn't surprising.

As for the Little Red Riding hood - you are quite correct, it is a Murray.

Derek "Ruthven" Tatum said...

I know that I am indecisive as can be, but now that my Dragon*Con duties are over (for now), I have rebooted my blog under the URL

"The Crimson Skyline."

- Derek

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Links updated Sir

Ryne said...

I was very interested to see how this was going to tie in to vampires, but you've proven again that vampires exist - everywhere.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers Ryne - though I guess Derek deserves the kudos for spoting this one.

I guess it is one of the reasons that I love the genre so much, the fact that it is so universally within our psyche that it turns up everywhere.

Derek Tatum said...

BTW... I finally saw the entire movie over the weekend and it was excellent. I guess it was a "romantic comedy," but to me it was more about letting go and opening your eyes. Whatever the case, these are not the characters you usually see in standard-issue RomComs.

The Dracula puppet show was the grand finale. But earlier in the film, the protagonist discusses why he relates to vampires as a creative subject, and it was an interesting take that gave me something to think about. And since so much vampire stuff is from a female POV, it was kind of neat to see how vampires can relate to the male experience.

Interestingly, the lead actor (who also wrote the film) was already writing a Dracula puppet musical when he decided to incorporate it into this screenplay. I hope that one day he'll finish it.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers for the update Derek