Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Honourable mentions – Dan Nastro’s Dracula

splash screen

Whilst surfing around The Archive I came across this little gem of a freedbie from FUBAR films. Being somewhat short in length, and free to download, I decided that honourable mention was a fairer way to go than a review.

DrakeThat said the film, which has Drake (Dracula’s pseudonym in this) looking for his love Mina, is of a higher quality than a lot of the straight to DVD rubbish that gets put onto the market. It is a real show piece effort and kudos to the filmmakers for doing it and putting it our for free viewing.

One really interesting part was when Drake is confronted by a cross. As well as turning away in fear the filmmakers put a nice flash over aspect into play, which shows Christian iconography and fully demonstrates why the vampire is turning from what amounts to dime store jewellery.

dead LucyThe film also has quite a shockingly good corpse view of Lucy, Drake’s (just before) midnight snack. That was neatly put together. Combine this with the fact that the piece has been filmed with enough lighting to allow the viewer to see what is going on and you have a neat piece of film to watch.

MinaNot all is perfect, the party could have done with some more extras to make it actually feel like a party was in progress and there is a wobbly stake moment that looks like it is being held to the chest – but hey, I’ve seen a lot worse in films that I’ve had to pay for.

Well worth your time downloading.

FUBAR films have a MySpace profile here.

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