Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honourable Mentions: One More Time

Now I have, many a time, stated that vampires get everywhere… and they really do. This is a 1970 comedy starring the wonderful Sammy Davis Jr. (Messiah of Evil & the Cannonball Run) as Charles Salt and Peter Lawford as Christopher Pepper.

It has much of what you would expect, a swinging soundtrack, mistaken (and assumed) identities and some bits that perhaps wouldn’t be put in a film nowadays. Aside from that it has the breaking of the fourth wall and some genuinely surreal moments in amongst the more mundane gags.

Christopher Lee as Dracula
The moment we are concerned with sees Charles Salt accidentally opening a secret passageway in a bookcase (the only book he could find of interest to read being the Kama Sutra and that is the secret switch). He looks into the dark passageway and is confronted by a cornucopia of horror characters that include Peter Cushing reprising, according to imdb, his Dr Frankenstein role (though I would have preferred to think of him as Van Helsing) and Christopher Lee as Dracula. Both actors were uncredited but both had a brief speaking moment.

Peter Cushing as Dr Frankenstein
Later, when trying to show this to Pepper, the secret door opens to reveal nothing more sinister than a booze cabinet. (At the end of the film it becomes the chamber of horror again, but unseen to the audience and only revealed in noises).

So, Sir Christopher Lee reprises his Dracula character again, if only briefly and vampires, yet again, get everywhere.

The imdb page is here.

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