Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Honourable Mention: Dead Packet

This short film by Simon Yin is getting an honourable mention as the story, which follows Richard Ng playing a fictionalised version of himself, is not about a vampire. Rather it is about a demon which will kill/drive to madness its victims and will hunt down an actor who has ‘died’ on set – hence the actor getting a red packet after playing a death scene to ward the demon away.

So why the mention? Well Ng is in the opening shot of the film, the photography deliberately lined as this is the film he is shooting. He is furtive but when he enters a building he sees a figure (in traditional funeral garb) knelt, weeping. When he approaches, the figure turns and it is a kyonsi who attacks (and ends up ripping out his guts and feasting on his innards).

That is it… our kyonsi is someone acting as a vampire, quite literally, though he does appear later in a memory sequence. The short is just over 11-minutes in length and is worth a look, though blink and you’ll miss the vampire.

The imdb page is here.

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