Monday, June 01, 2009

Honourable Mention: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1910

It felt, as I already looked at the first three LXG graphics, right that I should mention this new edition to the series. Now I have read that this is technically the third volume – making one wonder where Black Dossier fits in – and covers the League in the early 20th Century. Mina Murray is still in the league (hence the mention) – and I previously discussed that we are unsure as to whether her seemingly eternal youth is down to vampirism or some other source. Also in the League are Allan Quatermain (the original posing as his own descendant), Raffles, Carnacki and Orlando.

The problem with this is not the lack of vampirism – that has been a relatively un-discussed background with respect Mina through each volume and again, in this volume, she draws an oblique reference to her scarf, worn to hide the scars left by Dracula – but the lack of a satisfying story. The potential return of Jack the Ripper to London, a new Captain for the Nautilus – Nemo’s daughter – and an investigation into the activities of Simon Iff (for whom read Crowley) and the potential of summoning a moonchild are all within the slim volume, but they feel less like stories and more a set up for a new direction that leaves the storytelling for future editions. Unfortunately the directions aren’t really that new as Black Dossier took us through several ages of the League’s existence, so we know a little of this age. One for the fans of the series who want to be completist – but sadly unsatisfying.

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