Thursday, December 29, 2011

Honourable Mention: Dracula’s Journal

The Blurb: Open at your peril!

Open Dracula’s Tomb – if you dare – to unearth his journals, filled with his horrible history, side-splitting secrets and ghoulish giggles. But be alert for Dracula making a POP-UP appearance!

The Mention: This is a 1998 children’s volume by Colin McNaughton and the reason for a mention rather than a review is that it is really aimed at a young audience and I doubted I’d do a review justice. It is, however, filled with all the bad vampire puns you (or your child) could want and I loved the way it didn’t sugar coat things – keeping things as horrible as a kid would demand.

Bright pictures – and a pop-up Dracula; it is the sort of volume I wish that I had found for my son when he was younger. However, let us be truthful, it’s the kind of guilty pleasure that many a genre fan would keep hidden amongst their book-case, a throw-back to childhood that we can sneak out and have a sly giggle about. With that in mind I’d like to thank Paul and Teresa, who purchased the volume for me for Christmas – duly read and neatly hidden in the bookcase for the next time I want to recapture halcyon days.


Everlost said...

thought you'd like it! Hope the pop up dracula and crap bats didnt scare you too much...

Taliesin_ttlg said...

It was okay as I had my big wolf to scare them off! ;) cheers buddy