Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Honourable Mention: The Friday Night Death Slot

The Friday Night Death Slot is a point in broadcasting where popular perception is that there will be little to no viewers and a programme placed there will receive poor viewing figures. The conceit behind this 2015 portmanteau film, directed by John Migliore, is that in that slot (on every broadcasting channel) is a horror programme presented by horror-host Johnny Ghoulash (John Migliore, Ninjas Vs Monsters). The film’s surround is thus the Horror-hosts parts plus events surrounding his sole viewer.

The film uses shorts, fake trailers and fake adverts to make up its bulk and it is with one of the adverts that we are concerned.

Andre Guantanamo as Nigel
We meet Nigel Oscar Feratu III (Andre Guantanamo – in a role he has played in various Migilore products). Nigel tells us that as a suave and debonair vampire it is not always possible for him to consume a blood sausage in polite company. However, he has discovered that EDIC (Electronic Dissipated Intravascular Coagulation) devices can be safely used recreationally – think e-cig/vape machines for blood. The advert is brief and it is the only vampire element of the film, so a fleeting visitation and a honourable mention here.

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