Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Honourable mention: Hi-8: Horror Independent 8

This is a 2013 portmanteau film with the conceit that old analogue video cameras had to be used to film the segments. This leads to a grainy, retro experience and whether you enjoy that is down to your tolerance, I guess. There are some interesting concepts but they can often be mired in the low budget and fuzzy filming.

The portmanteau is odd in and of itself. Entitled "No Budget Films Presents..." and directed by Brad Sykes it is a piece that is returned to, and certainly wraps around the other films but doesn’t actually have any connection to them (bar budget filmmaking). It follows Travis (Paul K. Richards) as he directs his slasher flick with fiends Brett (Baker Chase Powell) as the killer and Andrea (Danielle Rosario) as the victim.

vampire... or ghoul or demon
So why the mention. Well, at the very end of the (Hi-8) film, shooting on Travis’ film has wrapped but Andrea has headed back to some caves they used as a location as she left something there. When she doesn’t return they go look for her and stumble across the body of a weirdo (Andre Martin) they had met earlier and put in the film – his face is missing. They find Andrea and she turns around, apparently eating his face, Her eyes have changed and she has sharp pointed teeth. She might be a vampire, a ghoul or a demon, to be fair – we never find out – but for the potential fleeting visitation I decided to give this a mention.

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