Monday, September 10, 2018

Honourable Mention: Terror Tales from the Horror Library

A blink and you miss it moment from this horror anthology, dated by Amazon as 2016. Like many of these anthologies that are currently appearing to satisfy the need for more and more films for Video on Demand, this is made up of pre-existing shorts strung together, in this case, by a horror host – Jeffery Macabre, who is (to be fair) quite effective in a creepy yet personable kind of way. A couple of the shorts I have seen elsewhere (one, entitled Puppet, is probably the best thing in this).

The part we are interested in is entitled Female Vampires Online PSA (yes, a public service announcement) apparently but actually a – probably too clever for its own good as it wasn’t clear – trailer for the flick Female Vampires Online. The credits don’t give a specific director but it’s safe to assume it is G.R. Claveria, who directed the feature it is a trailer for.

concerned mother
In short, we see a mother (Nancy Sullivan) as a Mother Against Vampire Porn, who claims her daughter was abducted by vampires from (fake website) She sees it as her job to warn people against these female vampires and their lust for sex and blood. We get some blurred, indistinct footage of vampires during this. The whole thing lasted virtually no time at all.

At the time of writing there is no IMDb page.

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