Thursday, January 29, 2009

Honourable Mentions: Scrubs – My Urologist – TV Episode

dvdI like Scrubs, its not that I watch it religiously but whenever it is on I enjoy it. For those who don’t know it follows the exploits of young doctor, John “J.D.” Dorian ( Zach Braff) and the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital. Most episodes are primarily from J.D.’s point of view and he is prone to fantasise – these fantasies are in the episode, interspersing the events.

In this episode, from season 5 and directed by Richard A Wells, he discovers that he is attracted to the urologist Dr Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks), who happens to be assigned to one of his patients. He also discovers that she wears a wedding ring – with an amusing scene that shows that women turn invisible to J.D., normally, when they are wearing a wedding ring.

Vampires like it windyWhen he realises the attraction he flips into fantasy mode and states, “Kim, wait! I know I can’t make you mine, unless I make you mine… for eternity…” At the same time bearing vampire fangs. Kim responds, “Dr Acula, don’t…. stop!” as she relaxes into the bite, wind whips their hair and the scene spirals on screen. J.D. ends his fantasy with the revelation that, “Vampires like it windy.” This is a slogan that should be on T-Shirts!

Dr AculaThe name Dr Acula comes from (beyond the obvious) a film that J.D. and best friend Dr Turk (Donald Faison) are trying to make. Later in the episode the Janitor (Neil Flynn) is showing a video to Dr Kelso (Ken Jenkins) of Kelso smashing the Janitor’s van up. The camera used to film the footage has been stolen by the Janitor from JD and at the head of the tape is some of the Dr Acula footage.

Turk the vampireThere are scenes with JD caped and fanged, whilst Turk – uncomfortable with the racial tone – is dressed like he has just walked into a blaxploitation movie. Some static and Turk has reversed things and he is now the vampire. All in all we get just a minute or so vampire related footage in the episode but, once again, it underlines my supposition that vampires get everywhere.

However, this not only supports the vampires get everywhere arguement but also teaches the valuable lesson that vampires like it windy. Great stuff and thanks to Crabstix for making me aware of the episode.

The episode’s imdb page is here.

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