Sunday, May 30, 2021

Honourable Mention: Buck Wild

This 2013 film directed by Tyler Glodt is a buddy/zombie comedy flick that sees four city slickers, as it were (although they are perhaps not too slick), heading into the Texas countryside on a deer hunting expedition at Buck Wild ranch.

Humour is sought from the character interaction, a hillbilly exploitation vibe and zombies – as an outbreak occurs roughly when they arrive. However, it is the source of the zombie outbreak that is the reason for this honourable mention.

Buck Wild ranch is owned by Clyde (Joe Stevens) who is fixing a truck when he hears movement outside. At first thinking racoons, he goes out and interrupts daughter Candy (Meg Cionni) having sex. Whether the subsequent killing of the fleeing paramour, by thrown monkey wrench, is due to their pre-marital activity or the fact that they have wrecked Clyde’s tulips is left to the viewer’s imagination. Clyde heads back to his garage but something is in there. A mangy creature comes out of the shadows.


The creature attacks and (as well as looking – I hope deliberately – unrealistic) it looks perhaps like a mange/rabies-ridden coyote but the word out of Clyde’s mouth is chupacabra – hence the mention. The looking a bit like a deformed coyote fits in brilliantly with the state of allegedly found chupacabra carcass in real life. Clyde is up and about the next day but soon he (and Candy) become zombies – notable for red and haemorrhaging eyes. The Chupacabra is mentioned again in terms of locals laughing about Clyde’s claim to have seen one but doesn’t actually come into the movie, so just a fleeting visitation.

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