Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honourable Mention: Vampire Zombie Werewolf

When I first heard the tile Vampire Zombie Werewolf, I pictured a kind of Being Human clone. I was wrong.

This is a web-series directed by Robb Padgett and at the time I write this there are 5 episodes online, and an educated guess suggests we are halfway through the season. However, it was just so much fun that I wanted to share straight away.

Robb Padgett is the producer
A producer of webcasts (Robb Padgett) drives across town to meet a potential backer. He arrives at a normal looking house (bar the clouds boiling overhead for a moment before they vanish and all becomes bright again). Inside he meets Tad (Steven Lekowicz) and his wife bunny (Tanya Ihnen).

Bunny and Tad
The producer is happy to take the cheque and run but Tad insists that he stays, and insists and insists until… they reveal that they are vampires… but not just vampires, they are vampire zombie werewolves. For the producer there is no escape – Tad wants him to meet the vampires at a party that evening – he and Bunny are to step into vampire society.

Jon Monastero as the Werewolf
Not a thing easily done when you are also a werewolf and a zombie and the joy of the series is that it knowingly sticks its decaying tongue into its furry cheek and gently pokes at both the monster movie genre and the web series phenomena. In a scene nearly akin to Amercian Werewolf in London we see flashback of Tad being bitten by a werewolf (Jon Monastero)… who looks just like a normal guy (because the moon isn’t full; genius).

Tad and the zombie
However he really was a werewolf. Tad, in his turn, heads out to the moors and bites his first victim… who turns out to be a zombie (Jeff Charlton) and, of course, they are contagious. As for the vampire aspect, he doesn’t tell that story until a later episode. Bunny converted for Tad. Tad fears the vampires will look down on his other monster aspects and hopes the producer will prove to be his ace in the hole.

The whole thing is played with a faux-fifties attitude in respect of Bunny and Tad and is great fun. Some really funny moments are provided as we look at other webcasts. Sand witches - the witch based baywatch clone - was great. Definitely worth a watch, the homepage is here. At the time of writing there is no imdb page.

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