Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honourable Mentions: Vampire Mob – Season 1

Another web serial, Vampire Mob is directed by Joe Wilson and the name of the series doesn’t do the show justice. The name was one of those names were you think to yourself, well this might be a bit rubbish and it doesn’t prepare you at all for what you get.

It starts with Don (John Colella), a hitman and a vampire, waking wife Annie (Reamy Hall) whilst holding a camera. She chastises him for waking her to make a sex tape. The tape cuts and Don is being filmed by the (never seen) Mike. He is making a film of his life and his trials and tribulations. The series is the resultant film.

Both Don and Annie are vampires. Don bit Annie because he was hungry, Annie has also turned her mom, Virginia (Marcia Wallace). This has not gone down well with sister Laura (Kirsten Vangsness) who doesn’t like the whole blood drinking and fang bit that has appeared in her family. Annie lets us know that Virginia doesn’t have fangs – she’d lost her teeth before being turned and never developed fangs.

Annie and Don
Virginia is moving in with Annie and Don – forcing Don to use the garage as his office and leaving him spending eternity with his mother-in-law. It also means that he has to collect blood for three, rather than two (he siphons from ‘business associates’, into bell jars, and sometimes buys in).

John Colella as Don
There isn’t too much else to say as this is character driven and very well done at that. The dialogue is spot on and Colella carries it with a natural flair that drives the episodes along. The rest of the cast are also all very good. We see plenty of character development, again spawned from the excellent dialogue. Thus, to do the show justice, you really need to give it a watch.

When it comes to lore, I mentioned the fangs. Daylight is an issue. They still say grace at dinner time but holy water is an issue. They have food at dinner to give themselves an illusion of eating, whilst drinking wine glasses of blood, but garlic is out and they can’t actually eat other food as it gives them the runs for a few days.

The show’s homepage is here. At the time of writing there is no iMDB page.


Joe Wilson said...

Thanks for taking the time to write about us! We really appreciate it!

-Joe Wilson

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No problem Joe, thanks for the show.