Friday, August 14, 2009

Honourable mentions: Monk – Mr Monk’s 100th Case (TV episode)

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For those who haven’t seen Monk it is a show about a detective, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) with extreme Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, as well as more phobias than you can shake a stick at – and yet he is a brilliant detective.

The show is quite good fun, but it is one of my wife’s favourites and, as she watched the season 7 DVD set she told me of this episode which she felt could well be a honourable mention. The case – as the title clearly shows – is his 100th case and the vampire (as such) appears briefly when the first two murder victims of a serial killer are discovered to have something in common.

restaurantThey both worked in a horror themed restaurant – though it became clear not at the same time. Indeed the restaurant is somewhat of a red herring but it does give us our vampire connection and not just for the funky cartoon-esque Dracula at the entrance – which would be a stretch even for me. No we are interested in the Maître d' – credited as vampire manager (Ernie Grunwald).

Maître d'He is in character as he talks to Monk and when asked if he knew Cassandra Rank (Jannel-Marie Diaz) he replies, in a faux-Lugosi accent “Yes, I remember drinking her blood, it was a most exquisite aperitif.” When told that she was murdered his accent slips and he is mortified. However when asked about Barbara McFarland (Marianne Davis) he is back in character and makes comment about her neck – again mortification sets in when he hears that she was murdered too.

Not actually a vampire, but someone dressed purposefully as one. The episode’s imdb page is here.

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