Sunday, February 13, 2011

Honourable Mention: I am Weasel – I am Vampire

It is time to take a look at the madness that was I am Weasel. A spin-off of Cow and Chicken, the exploits of the anthropomorphic I M Weasel (Michael Dorn) and his less than intelligent sidekick I R Baboon (Charles Adler) became firm favourites in their own right.

This episode, directed by David Feiss and first aired in 1998, takes us into a landscape of an imposing castle perched on a mountainside overlooking the peasant village below.

Opening within the castle, we see that coffins that are built bunk-bed style. Weasel rises from his coffin. Baboon smashes his head on the coffin above. Baboon then walks into a mirror as he has no reflection. They walk onto a balcony and look down on the village below.

The butt does not reflect
How will they get there? Weasel turns into a bat – or more a weasel with bat wings. Baboon tries to transforms and… farts. He tries again and (in a gag we have seen before, for instance in Bugs Bunny in Transylvania 6-5000) turns into a baseball bat. Eventually he gets into a (crap) bat shape and this is the only example I can think of that features a crap bat with a big red butt.

They fly down to the village and watch the Barnyard club for a moment before flying on in. However all the men are dancing with animals – they are too shy to ask the girls to come to the club and dance with them. One realises that the newcomers are vampires but Weasel calms them explaining, as he gets a tin of blood from a vending machine, that he only drinks canned blood. As a gesture of good will they offer to bring back some girls for the men to dance with.

threatening to steak
The men are meant to be tidying up but The Red Guy (Charles Adler) comes into the barn dressed as a vampire hunter selling vampire skin rugs and vampire jerky. Having threatened to find and kill our two heroes he leaves. Weasel and Baboon return with girls and dancing occurs until the hunter is mentioned and one of the girls rips off her disguise… The Red Guy throws a couple of steaks, rather than stakes, at the heroes and Weasel realises that to understand someone you have to walk in their moccasins, that the Red Guy’s butt is exposed and that the bite of a vampire makes you a vampire…

You can tell where this is going. However, this was great fun and at around 6 minutes didn’t overstay its welcome. The episode's imdb page is here.

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