Thursday, September 23, 2021

Honourable mention: Soul Reaper

I’m rather glad I’m not reviewing Bob Pipe’s 2019 Brit horror flick because I would have to be horrible about it. It is a cabin in the woods flick that wants to be Cabin in the Woods, if the film were somewhat less self-aware and the operation was run by local yokel’s rather than an international cabal.

Drawn out to a cabin in the woods by Charlie (Asher Green), for his (mixed-gender) stag do, the 9 invitees (2 of whom vanish before both the credits and the others arrive) are drawn from the States in the main. There is a moment in a local pub before they get there that highlights one of the big problems with the film, (ok more than one, but I refer to) the atrocious lack of lighting that leaves the scenes terribly dark. That and the awful dialogue. There is a self-aware moment mentioning the Slaughtered Lamb but little else in the scene to offer credit for.

fang moment

Anyway, several members of the gang are drugged on the first night and suffer hallucinations, before waking with sigils carved in their foreheads. During this one of them, Mike (Alexander Tol), sees fellow attendee Mona (Katrin Larissa Kasper) dancing sexily before him (whilst we see she is on the floor also drugged) until the hallucinated Mona produces fangs and bites him. It’s a blink and miss it moment. In the same sequence we see another attendee Steve (James Groom) suddenly be in a nightclub. Apparently he is then surrounded by zombie sailors – but I got that from the credits as the scene was too dark to make out what surrounded him.

A blink and miss it moment in a very missable film.

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