Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Honourable Mentions: Vampire Mob – season 2

I looked at Season 1 of web serial vampire mob last year and found it to be a great, character driven series. The series ended on a cliffhanger and that is exactly where this starts off… so if you haven’t seen season 1, firstly why not and secondly, you might want to look away…

…So it ended up last season with hitman and vampire Don Grigioni (John Colella) being shot. As the season starts he is tackling the shooter – who he managed to get a shot into. The thing is, the shooter is human and dying, whilst he is healing. In fact the shooter actually states that they never said he was a vampire.

Don and Annie
Unfortunately he manages to lose the shooter and so has to get him identified and tracked down to discover who it was that ordered a hit on the hitman. But that is only part of the problem, the return of crime boss Frank has put a spanner in his feeding regime – or grocery shopping as he and his wife Annie (Reamy Hall) calls it – Frank has called a ceasefire and so Don isn’t getting any jobs… no jobs… no blood…

talking to camera
Worse than this is the fact that his mother-in-law Virginia (Marcia Wallace) is still living with them – Don turned his wife because he was hungry and she in turn turned her mother because she didn’t want her to die. To top it all off Don’s still human mother turns up unannounced for a visit. Oh, and the always unseen Mikey is still filming Don’s every move (which is the footage we see).

Father Eddie is not impressed
There are no further vampire rules revealed in season 2 but there are some marvellous bits – Don trying to convince a local priest to sell out the worst sinners from the confessional as dinner for him and his family, for instance. I love the way that everyone just seems to know about vampires and accept that Don is one. The performances and dialogue are as good, if not better, than season 1. If I had a complaint it’s that the two seasons are in total the length of the best part of a couple of TV episodes and, honestly, I think I could sit and watch this all day – if there were any justice in the world this would be picked up for bigger and better things. Writer/director Joe Wilson has every reason to be proud of his creation.

The series homepage is here and the imdb page is here.

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