Thursday, October 16, 2008

Honourable Mention: Vampire Killers


You know, there is so much rubbish out there and then a group of people put together a class act like this… for free.

Vampire Killers is a web-based series created by Doug Hutchison and directed by Tim Baldini. So far there are six episodes which make up an intriguing prelude that I hope gets followed up. All in all the webisodes come in somewhere between 12 and 18 minutes.

amy will be lunchThings start off in the Half Moon Motel. A group of girls watch girl orientated porn, kiss and generally lounge around until there is a knock at the door. The newcomer is Charlotte (Ania Spiering) and she has come for something. The something is Amy (Katelyn Gaunt), who is tied and gagged in the bathroom.

enjoying AmyOutside is a car in which sit Johnny (Tim Fields), his girlfriend Katrina (Ginger Pullman) and Orville (Nick Heany). Orville sharpens a weapon. Elsewhere are the other two members of the hunter team, Travis (Marco Mannone) tries to fix a computer issue whilst Nicole (Kit Paquin) researches Charlotte – it appears that she can survive the stake to the heart – is she a new breed? In the motel Charlotte feeds on Amy.

Ginger Pullman as KatrinaShe leaves the motel and the three watchers go after her, Orville and Katrina on foot and Johnny by car. The other two race to intercept. However, when Orville falls Katrina ends up hunting solo…

We have a little lore to offer. We discover that this is an infection but it clearly has a supernatural element especially as Charlotte can regenerate her heart. Religious artefacts would seem to be useless (Charlotte wears a cross). The website mentions hypnosis, speed, strength and the ability to vanish.

Ania Spiering as CharlotteAt the end of the episodes we read that out of an LA population of 3.84 million some 526,000 are vampires. Now this would be problematic in feeding (though we do not know how often they have to feed) and problematic with the exponential increase in numbers post feed if all bitten/killed are infected.

a couple of killersI am sure, however, that Hutchison intends to answer this, everything else is so class I couldn’t see him not being cognisant of the issues, and aside from this the project was great and really set things up well for a future series, or even a film. The soundtrack worked well, both the editing and the directing were top notch. The filming and lighting offered an illusion of budget rarely seen in straight to DVD material never mind a free for view series.

The homepage, were you can view all 6 episodes, is here.

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