Saturday, November 27, 2010

Honourable Mentions: Lamia

Fumetti is the Italian name for comics – I understand that it literally means ‘little puffs of smoke’ and this refers to the speech bubbles. Some fumetti is rather rude as well, and that certainly is the case when it comes to some of the vampire orientated series – most famously Jacula and Sukia.

Hushicho Phoenix is a fan of Sukia who has started his own comic, pretty much inspired by Sukia. Lamia is a female vampire and, like Sukia, she has a gay male sidekick – in this case Antonio. This is what Hushicho had to say about the first book:

“In the first book, Baroness of Blood, Lamia and Antonio stop over for gas on a road trip and find themselves drawn into a power struggle in a small town. An evil figure -- a baroness -- has taken over, and she's flexed her fascist muscles. Will censorship and government evil win out, or will the world's sexiest vampiress teach them the meaning of 'might makes right'?”

The Lamia homepage has been linked here for a little while already and you can read the volumes for free there as they are released. Just remember these are not safe for work.

You can also purchase the printed director’s cuts of Lamia from the homepage.

What struck me more than anything about Lamia was the artwork; the art has a crisp, clean style that suits the subject well.

I wish Hushicho all the best with his project.

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