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Honourable Mention: Creepshow: Model Kid (S2 ep1)

From the modern reimagining of Creepshow comes this story that was in season 2 episode 1 paired with the story Public Television of the Dead (which was, incidentally an Evil Dead related story staring Ted Raimi). Model Kid was first and was directed by Greg Nicotero.

The episode was a classic monster episode but was mostly orientated towards Gillman and the Mummy, with a fleeting visitation of Frankenstein’s Monster. However there was enough vampire aspect to warrant an honourable mention.

dressed as Dracula

The opening has a black and white, silent feature. A woman on an altar, a man rescuing, an attack by the Mummy and Gillman intervening with the mummy. As a voice calls out as mum (Tyner Rushing, Lovecraft Country) announces herself home. Gillman’s black and white flashes blue and we see Joe (Brock Duncan) is painting his model whilst watching the home cine film. He is dressed as Dracula – with face painted, a black widow peaked wig and fake fangs (so first reason for the honourable mention, acting as a vampire). We discover that he is bullied and that his Aunty Barb (Jana Allen, the Bleeding) and Uncle Kevin (Kevin Dillon) are there.

Gillman & the Mummy

It becomes apparent that he dislikes Uncle Kevin – mostly as Kevin himself is a bully, a man filled with false machismo and, we discover later, a domestic abuser. However they are moving in – partly because Kevin has lost his job and partly because mom is due her next course of chemo. Unfortunately, in a rather touching moment, Joe and mom watch a movie together and she passes peacefully with them cuddled. Of course, his Aunt and Uncle are now his guardians but perhaps there is a way Joe can deal with Uncle Kevin? After all his friends are monsters…

Joe with fangs

So, I won’t spoil how he is dealt with but in the last minutes we see Joe, blonde locks now black, fangs in his mouth and, as the comic book that comes up in the last frame tells us, the fangs are newly grown. So, for a fleeting moment, we see Joe turned into a vampire. And this segment was good fun, using the classic monsters and nostalgia to make an effective little vignette.

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