Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Honourable Mention: Captain Hook: Vampire Hunter

The adaption of the vampire into non-vampire scenarios can sometimes be easily achieved but that does not mean it isn’t cleverly done. Of course Peter Pan was referenced in the name of the classic vampire film the Lost Boys and we have previously looked at the live action short Never Land.

Hook writes his log
I was struck, however, by the clever little twist in this short animated cartoon, released in 2011 and directed by David Kantrowitz, entitled Captain Hook: Vampire Hunter. Hook (Brian Smolin) enters into his Captain’s Log in order that he might set the record straight. He is a pirate, that much is true, but despite the lies propagated he has a keen sense of hygiene and, in the waters that he sails, pirates indulge in the noble art of vampire hunting.

the Pan
He mentions that it is the famous work of J M Barrie that has besmirched his name but admits that Barrie, at least, has the methods of entrapment that the Pan (Aiden Allen) employs pretty much down pat. He does bemoan the fact that Barrie invented such a mundane name like Peter for the creature. The Pan entices his victims and then leads them to an island. The animation did nice things contrasting the eternally young Pan with his shadow.

Lost boys
On the island the victims are turned and become mindless (or, indeed, lost) creatures of appetite. Hook also explains to us that the hook he wears is not metal but is, instead, sharpened wood – as metal will not kill these creatures. Short and sweet, I’d very much like to see the concept expanded upon as the feel of the illustrations (not to mention Smolin’s voice work) complement an interesting little story twist. Yes, Pan has been likened to a vampire before but to make him, very much, the baddie and to tell the tale from Hook’s viewpoint – that I liked.

At the time of mention there is no IMDb page but the short has its own page here.


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