Friday, June 24, 2011

Honourable Mention: The Ghost and Master Boh

The Ghost and Master Boh is a Thai comedy directed by Worapoj Pothineth and released in 2008. It follows the misadventures of a guru named Master Boh who, through the help of his sister Bua and his assistants Ver and Grang, has convinced his local village that he actually possesses spiritual powers.

Also living locally is a mobster named Aoo who, at the head of the film, sends his men to dig up the corpse of a girl named Whan who died a violent death. They bungle, dropping the corpse which roles down a hill, leaving the shroud behind and falling into the river. There she revives and becomes a vengeful ghost – albeit a physical one – and wants revenge upon her killer. The killer (and rapist) happens to be Aoo.

Of course Boh gets drawn into this situation but this is not the reason for the honourable mention.

the fake krasue
Also at the head of the film, a farmer is with his wife, who is heavily pregnant. He hears a noise from outside and goes to investigate. He sees a figure moving through his chicken coops, feather’s fly and then it reveals itself as a Krasue – though the face seems heavily painted. Despite the fact that no chickens are dead (it could have brought its own) he complains to his neighbours. One suggests it wasn’t after chicken but blood and placenta from his wife.

the real krasue
They go to see Boh but we know he will already know – as it was a faked haunting set up by his assistants to drum up some trade! That night, however, Boh and the village are on a hillside when there is a meteor shower. One of the meteors moves strangely and seems to come nearer, until it reveals itself as a real Krasue – it should be noted that the face is very painted like the fake. All the villagers run… and so does Boh. It is the fact that it becomes caught on the thorns of a tree that saves Boh.

He does ‘exorcise’ the fake Krasue later in the film. A rather silly film, humour wise, but it has the appearance of a Krasue and so deserves a honourable mention. At the time of writing there is no imdb page.

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