Friday, April 23, 2021

Honourable Mention: 60 Seconds to Di3

The third in the horror anthology series, like the first in the series, the films within this anthology are too short to warrant scoring. However, there is a definitive vampire segment and another segment that, as we will see, may not seem it but is a vampire piece if you know the feature film it came from.

When I looked at the first film, I noted a section entitled Flesh and Spirit and commented that it was “essentially a vampire bite” and nothing else. In this we get In Flesh and Spirit: The Lamentation, which was directed by Evan Makrogiannis.

first light

The segment is narrated by Baron Misuraca (himself), almost late for his own funeral he quips as he beats the sun to his lair. He has spent the night with the starlet Ann Gable (Deborah Dutch), doing activities he describes as “outlandishly wretched” – leading to flashes of said activities, which of course means some topless shots. Having considered the evening, he decides to open the door to dawn’s first light.


The next segment to consider is a piece entitled Run, Lady, Run by Jason Figgis. A man is being attacked, though there is little to suggest what manner of creature is atop him - zombie, cannibal or vampire. However, the victim manages to tell a nearby lady to run… which she does, chased by the attacker, with the film ending as he closes in on her. You are unlikely to pick this as a vampire segment unless you recognise it as a clip from Figgis’ feature the Ecstasy of Isabel Mann.


A couple of mentions to two segments directed by and starring Jennifer Nangle. The first involves her horror hostess character Malvolia in the culinary cannibalistic themed Malvolia's Midnight Snack. I don’t believe the Malvolia character is a vampire, but she is certainly a vamp. The other, the Pill, has her playing a character simply credited as ‘her’, whilst Garrett Lee plays ‘him’. A first date in which she feeds him a pill, which he assumes is recreational, but paralyses him yet keeps him alive as she devours him. We do not see the wound, only her bloodied face.


There are moments in this anthology that work – however the films themselves are only moments and the poorer moments outweigh the better. Also, the shorts often struggle to have a point or a satisfying denouement precisely because they are only moments. The imdb page is here.

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