Thursday, November 25, 2010

Honourable Mentions: Barackula – the musical

Okay, so President Lincoln has been both vampire hunter, in the Seth Grahame-Smith book, and a vampire in the Transient but now it is the turn of Barack Obama (Justin Sherman) to face fangs in the short 2008 film, directed by Michael Lawson, entitled Barackula the Musical.

singing Barack
It begins at Harvard Law School in September 1990 with a young Barack Obama setting the scene in song. He, following the song, falls dishevelled into his apartment where his girlfriend (Nakia Syvonne) asks him what is wrong. This takes us back to the night before when he was asked to attend an initiation at the law school, who had just decided to make him president of their chapter.

What Barack didn’t expect was that the various members of the school where all vampires and the leader, Count Ben (Nathan Bell), has chosen Barack, not only be the President, but also to be converted into a vampire. Barack fights back with the tool of diplomacy, utilising the medium of song and dance. He suggests that mortal and immortal can work together without conversion. Ben seems to accept this and they share a toast… Guess Barack hasn’t seen the Lost Boys

This is silly, fun and probably would have been annoying if it had gone on too long in the vein it was in but is timed about right. It does say 'to be continued' but perhaps it should be left where it is or have a little less song… Hey, but what do I know?

There is a homepage here where you can watch the short or download it in i-implement format and the imdb page is here.

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