Thursday, August 01, 2019

Honourable Mention: Unearthed: The Curse of Nephthys

We’ve come across the work of Beau Yotty before, and his clairvoyant evil-fighting character Don Slayer (Beau Yotty), in the two shorts Call the Babysitter and Midnight Workout. This is a 2018 short feature, which is a Don Slayer adventure and has a return of the babysitter character from the first short, who is now named as Hannah (Tessa Gardenier).

The primary story is about a cursed Egyptian artefact that can be used to bring about the incarnation of the Goddess Nephyths (Cat Roberts) on earth and, whilst that ritual involves a blood sacrifice, this is not a vampire story. However the prologue may be.

about to chow down
I say may be because the creature is actually billed as “undead creature” (Adam Voyles) but we shall see. Essentially a woman, Rebecca (Jacqueline Teixeira), is watching a horror film – unaware that someone is creeping around the outside of her house. He breaks in and, whilst she notices the door is open, she doesn’t notice him hiding close by. She goes back to her chair, he comes up behind her, she sees his blood-soaked mouth and he attacks (we hear terribly unrealistic chewing/slurping sounds)… It is one of Don’s clairvoyant dreams, he tracks down the house and (after a cutaway to the primary story) intervenes – getting the creature before he kills Rebecca.

Beau Yotty as Don Slayer 
Now, her reaction aside – she simply thanks Don in a tone not really realistic given the scene we have watched and he apologises for the mess – this is the only really vampiric moment and I have to assume a vampire as the creature is clearly after flesh/blood and is intelligent enough to break into the house. That said it is only a fleeting visitation. Even more fleeting is a flashback view of the Revenant (Bill Wetherill) from Call the babysitter (without explanation for those unfamiliar with the short). Everything else in film is Egyptian Goddess trying to return to this earthly plane related.

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