Sunday, May 27, 2018

Short film: Call the babysitter

Eight minutes long, this 2017 film by Beau Yotty is one of a series he is developing for his Don Slayer character, whom he plays in the film and who we met in the equally short Midnight Workout. This one was more together, film-wise, than the last but it still leaves questions that would be better answered. It starts with the following intertitle: “In the Middle Ages, it was believed that a revenant would rise from the grave to terrorize the living and feast on their blood.”

It starts with a babysitter (Tessa Gardenier) arriving at a house to babysit Sarah (Kinzie Yotty). The young girl sits quietly playing on an electronic device but eventually asks the babysitter for popcorn. As she is about to put it in the microwave she hears a bang and goes to see if Sarah is ok. She’s fine but then there’s another bang, clearly from outside. They look out the window but the babysitter eventually puts it down to the wind and goes to continue making the popcorn. However, as she waits for the microwave we see something moving through the house. We also see Don Slayer, replete with gun.

the Revenant
The Revenant attacks as she gets the popcorn out but we don’t see the attack itself, just blood on the popcorn bag. Don goes to her to help her and is attacked by the revenant and they tussle for a while and that, unfortunately, is about it. I recognise that this is a short but we need to know more about Slayer and more about the revenant – is it a random attack? Was the babysitter, or the family she is working for, cursed? How did Don find the revenant? It’ll buy us more into the character if we discover the background.

The imdb page is here.

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