Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Short Film: Midnight Workout

This was an Eight Minute short, released in 2017 and directed by Beau Yotty who also plays the male lead – Don Slayer. It is, unfortunately, flawed.

We start with Slayer in a workout session down a local (and empty) gym. Meanwhile we get a POV camera moving at faster than human speed down the road. Unfortunately, the sound effect with the camera actually sounds like perhaps a Segway or RC car perhaps. It is certainly distracting.

Anyway the POV stops at the gym and we get someone looking through the window (who we eventually see is a woman, credited simply as Vampiress (Kelley Anne)). She keeps looking in from various windows, doors and takes her own sweet time going in – meanwhile oblivious Don seems to be on a different piece of equipment each time she looks. Eventually he hears a noise, takes his earbuds out, and walks over to the door.

He looks around, sees nothing but when he comes back in she is inside… and he fails to see her… Indeed she wanders around the gym, presumably stalking him but actually rather aimlessly. Eventually he is sat with dumbbells and she makes herself known, asking if he needs a spot. The scene with a blood-stained towel and his bloodied hand is rather effective, then the camera cuts to his profile, he is unharmed and makes a quip. The camera returns to his hand and the towel and he has a pair of fangs.

Beau Yotty as Don Slayer
And that’s it. It needs the POV sound fixing and perhaps four minutes of pointless stalking removing to work well. But, as we’ll see, it is the start of a venture based around the Don Slayer character, and future episodes might work better.

The imdb page is here.

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