Monday, June 18, 2018

Short Film: Weekend Vampire

Not to be confused with the band with the words of the title reversed as their band name (Google, I’m talking to you) this is a 2016 short film directed by Sophia Cacciola and Allix Mortis, which comes in at the 10-minute mark.

The opening is a neat little animation of a ship with a narration by Agneska Karnstein (Stabatha La Thrills, Blood of the Tribades), who waxes lyrical about how long she has slumbered, an itch she just cannot scratch and at least she is not trapped in an attic…

Agneska awakened
So, David has been sent to the attic to look for miniatures. He cuts his hand on a trunk and his blood falls onto (what he assumes is a Halloween decoration) Agneska, reviving her and lining him up as her first snack of the evening. She leaves the building and follows some Goths (assuming, I think, that they are fellow vampires) into a party. In said party she meets Valeria Orlok (Sake Toomey) a chatty (and rather shallow) millennial.

Valeria and Agneska
Bored with the party, and assuming wrongly that she knows the vampire (believing her to be a maker of hand crafted soaps), Valeria takes her by ‘Grüber’ to another party across town. The vampire has to face the perils of automotive transportation and the even more perilous charms of hipsters at a Speakeasy Party. Will she fit in? Only watching the short will reveal that…

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