Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Short Film: The Alley

Released in 2003 this is a very short (under three minute) film directed by Lincoln Kupchak.

It starts with a girl (Crystal Day) walking at night. Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t particularly good and therefore the print is hazy and indistinct. She walks down an alley when two n’er-do-wells (Sik End & Jamisin Matthews) come out of the dark, and Sik End (as credited) grabs her and pushes her to the wall, licking at her face (with the encouragement of his partner in crime).

Of course, she sprouts fangs and deals with them (at under three minutes including titles, did you expect anything else?). We are in a brief munch and die scenario and she ends up with quite a lot of blood on her chin for such a swift repast (with no discernible alley splatter, but the lighting is poor, as I say)

There isn’t much else to say, except that the imdb page is here.

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