Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil: The Special Fathers vs. The Vampire Altar Boys – review

Director: unknown

First aired: 2007

Contains spoilers

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil was a one season computer animated cartoon series about the character Lucy – the antichrist and 21 year old art graduate and barmaid. Lucy is in a relationship with DJ Jesús, the messiah, but neither appear in this episode.

In the series proper, however, the Vatican have sent a priest (and nun) hit squad to kill Lucy and the Special Fathers, as they are known, are front and centre of this episode.

killing the priest
It starts off with a priest and an altar boy named Brian (Todd Barry). The priest thanks him for fluffing his cassock and then suggests taking the discussion to his quarters so as not to disturb the choir practice (and yes it is as sordid a suggestion as one might think). After telling Brian that it is normal to have urges at his age he finds himself at the toothsome end of Brian’s urge for Brian is a vampire altar boy. Out in the church the choir bare fangs and kill the chorister and organist.

The special fathers
The archbishop, who insists on being called Archie, picks up the Special Fathers. The two priests (H. Jon Benjamin and Sam Seder) are ex-vampire hunters, though the Special Sister (Eugene Mirman) has no such experience. They try and deflect the task Archie wants to set them – after all they are hunting the antichrist – and suggests some good Jesuit hunters. Archie admits that the Jesuits are dead and blackmails them into hunting the vampires.

with Nightshade
After this he takes them to Nightshade, a civilian vampire expert who has a caged vampire altar boy in the cellar. He tells them to not believe the movies (then admits that sunlight and stakes do work against these vampires) as crosses have no effect and they only have a mild allergy to garlic. They are, however, deathly afraid of balloons. With that in mind it’s time to hunt some vampires. The Nightshade section is most definitely in homage to Blade.

The episode is only some ten minutes long but it is great fun as an aside episode. The jokes are as irreverent as one would expect and there are some very amusing insights (the conversation between Special Sister and the Altar Boys is fantastic). All in all worth the 10 minutes out of your busy schedule. 7 out of 10.

The imdb page is here.

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