Friday, June 21, 2013

Honourable Mention: Sanctuary Season 4

The series Sanctuary gets an honourable mention for two primary reasons. Firstly the premise that some of the key characters (reduced to two in this season, plus a further two in flash backs) were changed genetically after injecting vampire source blood in the 19th century and because one of those key characters, Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young), is actually a vampire (the last vampire known to be alive).

At the end of Season 3, Praxis (a city in hollow earth) had been destroyed, a horde of hollow earth abnormals had begun to surface and Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) had jumped back in time to prevent Mad Scientist Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) from destroying the timeline.

Springheeled Jack
Magnus does indeed stop Worth – and has a brief meeting with Springheeled Jack – but the trip is one way. She puts herself into seclusion until time passes and she can re-enter society where she left it (her power is longevity). In the meantime (back in our timeframe) Will (Robin Dunne) tries to broker a peace between the hollow earth abnormals and the UN but the chances of peace are slim. Eventually hollow earth insurgents go to ground, the US sets up a homeland security type agency to deal with abnormals (yet the public are still strangely ignorant of the ‘monsters’ amongst them) and the Sanctuary loses its Government backing.

Jonathon Young as Tesla
The vampire activity is very low in this season. Tesla does show up in a couple of episodes but – barring he and werewolf (or Hyper Accelerated Protean) Henry (Ryan Robbins) teaming up for some fisticuffs with some insurgents – there is no actual vampire angle worth exploring. The season itself was rather good but had some filler episodes and went down an ‘obligatory singing episode’ line, which proved unfortunate. The story ends with this season as the show has now been cancelled.

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