Sunday, June 23, 2013

Honourable Mention: 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

For a film that doesn’t – probably – feature a vampire, and that only gets an honourable mention, this Craig Moss directed 2013 flick probably has the longest title that has featured on the blog.

A pastiche of a variety of modern horror flicks, the film mainly parodies the found footage genre as Dana (Kathryn Fiore), her husband Aaron (Flip Schultz, Breaking Wind) and his daughter Liz (Olivia Alexander) find that their new family home (that was Dana’s home as a child until her possessed father killed the cast of The Artist) is haunted. So why the mention?

Ben Morrison as Abe
Liz notices her next door neighbour is Abraham Lincoln (Ben Morrison), in his guise as a vampire hunter, and falls for him. Later in the film two women, Selene (Tina Casciani) and Alice (Kimberly Leemans), come over and start making out. The naming of the character as Selene indicates that she may be a vampire but we don’t find out as Abe comes over, Liz sends them away and then slips him a roofie. Before she can have her wicked way with him she is dragged away by the ghost of the recently departed manny Felipe (Arturo del Puerto) who then teabags the helpless hunter.

axing the Ghost Brothers
This leads to him reappearing at the end of the film in a scene where he kills the paranormal investigators, the Ghost Brothers. When challenged – as he is a vampire hunter – he puts his psychotic new persona down to his treatment by Felipe. A quick put down with a Taser and that, as they say, is that; except to mention that the film takes place in Carlsbad, which was the name of the destination in Dracula: Prince of Darkness, some 2km from Dracula's castle.

The film itself was pretty much as you would expect it to be and features a smorgasbord of film parodies from the obvious ones relayed in the title (though no 30 Days of Night) and unusual choices such as the Hunger Games and Dark Night Rises. The imdb page is here.


Kuudere-Kun said...

I noticed Bane on the cover. It seems like the same basic gig as the Waynes brothers parodies.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

pretty much so, yes