Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Few Bits and Bobs

Hi all, there are some releases and goodies I want to mention today. First of all a new Blu-ray release and what a release…

Black Sunday is a marvellous film and has just had a UK Blu-ray release by Arrow. As well as a little booklet the set includes two versions of the film; Mask of the Demon (the original European release, dubbed or subbed) and Black Sunday (the US dubbed edit with different music). If that wasn’t enough, the set is a dual Blu-ray and DVD release and even more, there is a third DVD with I Vampiri as an extra. (Arrow's release of Black Sabbath on Blu-ray is set for April 29 2013)

Also new out in the UK is, finally, Young Dracula – season 1. I sit in anticipation of the other seasons.

If you nip over to Un-Dead you’ll find a modern, interactive Dracula tale by Alexander Galant. Being released in instalments, and using an epistolary style, I have to admit I haven’t yet given this the attention it deserves… but I certainly will be doing. Watch out for a guest blog from Alexander in the near future.

Finally Season 5 of Being Human started in the UK last Sunday… I have to admit being torn. As I watched the first episode I rather enjoyed it but when I thought about it I realised that, like previous seasons,  it was filled with plot contrivances (and potential plot holes), which barely stood up to scrutiny. The devil, it appears, is trapped in a body and living in Barry… coincidentally so do our new main cast, who also happen to have gained employment in the same nursing home as he lives and Hal met him once (but never saw the human face, conveniently). Also the Devil caused a war between vampires and werewolves… but being trapped in a human body curtailed said conflict. This seems to ignore the past series storylines and the fact that the two species naturally hate each other… Worse of all was the use, again, of rubbish BBC pantomime characters/acting to inject a humour into the proceddings. We’ll see… perhaps it’ll all be alright in the end…

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