Sunday, June 05, 2011

Vamp – arrow edition

I have to say that I am loving Arrow Video DVD editions. A while ago I got their edition of Martin and now I have picked up their copy of Vamp.

It includes load of extras, a booklet and a poster… It also has a reversible DVD cover. Disastrously there was a post/wolf interface whilst we were out (as I forgot to put the gate across that keeps the wolf from the door – literally). The cover (and the box) ended a tad… chewed. The box was replaceable… the cover is sorry looking in one corner.

The set itself, like the Martin set, is recommended and I find myself tempted with regards several of their none vampire editions… especially Phenomena and Dawn of the Dead.


Fra Moretta said...

A great movie,one of the best vampire flick of the 80's.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi Fra Moretta. I don't knoiw if I'd go that far but, rewatching it with this edition I enjoyed it more than I did when I reviewed it and would consider upping the mark just a tad.