Saturday, June 04, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Suzanne Carre from Vampire Sexual Secrets contacted me and asked me to post the following public service announcement:

Coming soon.

What is GetFanged?
Many of you may remember in its infancy; a network for members of the OVC, otherkin and other paranormal communities to centralize, discuss, define, and network. GetFanged.Com was born of a careful study of the current conditions of these communities and from feedback and discussion within the community concerning the new paradigm of blood and energy drinking - the needs, wants, changes and challenges that face not only individuals within the community but the definition of community itself. We are happy to announce that GetFanged is here, and solely dedicated to the real paranormal community.

How Does It Work?
Through collaborations with existing resources, communities, community leaders, houses, covens, websites, and research professionals. All those interested in strengthening and developing a true community are welcome.

Where? will be a comprehensive network and accompanying discussion forum devoted to our community of individuals paranormal interests and needs.

Soon. Stay tuned for announcements as we continue to develop what we are confident will become a centralized port and forum for all.

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