Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Greetings and Happy Halloween to you all. The horror blogger’s favourite time of the year and the best of the holidays.

To anyone of a pagan persuasion, I wish you a most Happy Samhain.

The picture accompanying this post is one that was sent to me by Christian Esquivel, an aspiring artist, who is working on an anime literature series called Midas Adventures, which features the vampire character Black Aramis (featured). I normally don’t showcase pictures but as Christian took the time to contact me I thought in only fair to post his art.

The vampire craze shows little sign of abating and there are a couple of indie films I am really anticipating. One is the Spanish film Vampire in the Hole and another that has caught my attention recently is Midnight Son, the trailer for which is below:


James Garcia Jr said...

And Happy Halloween to you, Sir. I'm glad that the vampire craze has yet to lose steam, not only for my series, but your's, too.
-James Garcia Jr.
(Author of Dance on Fire)

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers James :)

Christine said...

Hope everybody had safe and happy Halloween and Samhain!
Like I already wrote in about Midnight son and it´s people-with-rare-skin-deseases-who-cannot-stand-sun-and-drink-blood-scenario: "Isn´t it enough that we must live in the same world where mentally ill are exploited in endless gore and potty fetishes... eer, books and movies about psychotic killers?"