Thursday, June 03, 2010

Searching For: One Blood Planet

A little plea today...

On a trawl through the various titles of vampire movies that have been released over the years, I came across a description of a film called One Blood Planet. Clearly inspired by I am Legend it is dated as 2001 but doesn’t seem to be readily available anywhere – not unusual when it comes to budget films, to be fair.

I don’t know if it was any good or not but the synopsis by Indy McDaniel, on IMDb, has me intrigued, I’ll print it here and perhaps you’ll be intrigued too:

“In the 14th century the Black Death ravaged Europe, killing off nearly half the population. Seven hundred years later, "the Vampire Flu" finishes the job. And in a small apartment, as society crumbles, the final battle to save humanity is being fought.

“This is the home of Taylor Freeman (Lynwood Robinson), the one man on the planet who is immune to the effects of this deadly plague. But Taylor is not alone. He lives with his wife, Lee (Diedre Madsen), who is slowly dying in front of him. And Taylor will do anything to save her life. Using household chemicals and drugs, Taylor administers a series of treatments that he hopes will cure his wife. But while he is able to slow the progress of the disease, he can not stop it. And as Lee's condition worsens, and the population around them dies out, Taylor discovers that the only thing that may keep her alive is his own blood.

“Within the claustrophobic confines of their apartment, Taylor begins to feed his wife. It is the ultimate sacrifice, but one that reveals the cracks in the couples relationship. And as the days run together, Taylor and Lee descend into a dark world of suspicion and mistrust. Making matters worse is the fact that others have survived the holocaust, mad souls who have been feasting on the flesh of the dead.

“After a run in with one of these cannibals, Taylor begins to fear that his blood is turning Lee into a monster. Taylor's fragile mind begins to crack. The isolation seeps inside his soul. And when he stops feeding Lee, the real nightmare begins.”

The concentration on the inter-personal relationship sounds fabulous – if it was handled well – and would have hopefully helped spare the movie from the ravages of trying to film an apocalypse on a budget.

So, have you seen the film? Perhaps you have spotted it in one of the compilation discs that do the rounds and can let me know which one? Do you know someone involved, or perhaps you were involved? Do you know where I can get a hold of this? Over to you…

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