Monday, November 17, 2008

Various bits and bobs

If you swing on over to positively incorrect you can find an interview with Leslie S. Klinger that can be listened to or downloaded. Klinger, as you will know, if the annotator behind The New Annotated Dracula.

Over at Tomb it May Concern is a real treat at the moment. David Z has embedded Spiderwoman Vs Dracula for your perusal. Now, I must admit that I don’t know the Spiderwoman phenomena at all and I was a little mystified that Dracula could fire lasers out of fingers that would turn a person into a vampire, Wolfman gained a similar power from his eyes and Frankenstein’s Monster seems to be able to do the same from his bolts… Worth checking out, however.

Many moons ago there was an online vampire series called The Hunted. After one helluva break the team are back with a new episode. The new episode, Slay Me in St. Louis, is in flv format (VLC or Riva player will play this format) and earlier episodes are in real player format. You can also pick up DVDs of the episodes.

Finally, I realised the other day that I haven’t posted any Commercial Vampire articles for a while. A series of ads were listed recently over at Undead Whispers so expect me to be putting some new articles up over the coming couple of months.

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