Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two New Movies

Picked up post-Cannes by Big Screen Entertainment, Paul W sent me a link to the Quiet Earth article about French vampire movie Sodium Babies. Some checking around found a MySpace page and Dread Central carried the following synopsis:

Sodium Babies is the story of Maurice, who in 1973 is very happy to be getting out of the Army and back to his lady. He’s not able to rest for long, however, as Max, an evil ghoul, forces him to enlist in The Fellowship. Maurice is then sucked into 30 years of servitude, just waiting for his chance to get back at those who wronged him

Check the trailer below:

Also just announced is the concept that Bollywood is to launch the career of Aditya Narayan as the star of a vampire movie named Shapit – which translates as Cursed – details are sketchy, but it seems he will be “playing a cursed fella who turns a blood sucking vampire all thanks to some curse given to him by a jilted lover. The curse is given to ensure that he never gets intimate with the gal he loves… if he gets intimate with any girl then he would end up killing her by sucking her neck blood

I find the article interesting as it states “to debut as a Dracula” and it really does seem that the name Dracula is becoming, more and more, a generic name for vampire rather than the name of one individual, but highly influential, character.

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