Saturday, October 06, 2007

First Thoughts – Day Watch

Well I went to the cinema and saw Day Watch, but this is not a review as such – that will wait until the DVD release – rather it is just my first initial thoughts, and I loved it.

I was told about a review of the film that stated that if you had not seen the First Film you would be lost as the film launches straight in without concession to new viewers. I guess that reviewer didn’t notice the more than adequate plot synopsis at the head of the film, in English, that brought a new viewer up to speed. The same review also suggested that the film gets lost in its own complexities. Not so; it is a complex plot, yes, but it doesn’t get lost. Methinks the reviewer just isn’t used to films that make you think - Hollywood has made them a rarity.

As for the film, awesome and yet very dark in a way that really could have only come from Russia. Occasionally the set pieces took over but they looked visually impressive and the subtitles were as funky for the theatrical release as they were in Night Watch’s theatrical release.

There were several vampires ghosting around, including a very brief appearance from the vampire girl from the first film, though perhaps not too much in the way of vampiric activity. Despite what I said about there being an adequate plot synopsis, and there is, I would recommend you being familiar with Night Watch – it is an over-all experience that moves full circle very neatly.

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