Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some New Films

A couple of new ones on the horizon. First off we have Virulents, which is based on the comic books of the same name. The comic books are set in Afghanistan and are based around a little used variety of Indian vampire, the Raktaveej. Not much more detail.

Next we have Red Scream Vampyres, the official synopsis is: “Sex, Violence, Chaos. Red Scream Vampyres rewrites the vampyre mythos with scenes of intense violence, mesmerising erotica and incredible performances by the two vampyres, Theodora and Elenora. These thousand year old vampyres are sisters and lovers. They pick up male hitchhikers and bring them to the abandoned train terminal where they live.

“After dinner and generous goblets of a drug spiked wine, the victims are lead to the bedroom where the promise of a night of passionate lovemaking becomes instead savage slaughter.

“Unlike traditional vampyres, Theodora and Elenora rip their victims to pieces with claw and tooth, driven by rage and a frenzied bloodlust. Theodora becomes sexually attracted to their intended latest victim DieTrich and decides to keep him alive for her pleasure and amusement. This does not sit well with Elenora who is tired of Theodora’s games and is repulsed by her feelings for “humans”.

“When “urban archaeologists” sky and Morrissey enter the picture, the vampyres realise they must move on… but first all who have seen them must die… slowly and terribly.”

I don’t want to prejudge, sight unseen as it were, but I think 'rewriting the mythos' is a strong claim for a film whose synopsis owes a large debt to Vampyres. We shall see.

Finally, a film that would seem open to a “Vamp or Not?” and probably isn’t. Mammoth is out on DVD very soon and seems to be, from what I can gather, an alien possession of the preserved corpse of a Mammoth, making it an undead, rather large, creature that sucks souls through its trunk.

As I say, it would likely come out as not Vamp but silly enough to mention in passing…


Badco said...

You Are The Lord Of the Vampire Blogs. Im never disapointed when I stop By.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

thank you very much

btw, I've just noticed your blog is up and running. I'd taken the link down when I read your post that said it was closing down.

I will re-add the link