Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ego thou name is me

Well the blog is up and running and I thought I’d satisfy my ego and put a little bit about myself up. I’m a 35 year old from the UK.I have a partner and child and, as you will have guessed, I like all things vampiric.

I have developed a fine collection of vampire DVDs and books over the years, and I am currently working on a re-draft of a vampire novel that I’ve written.

I have been involved in some online projects in the past, often concerned with vampires. In the next planned post, you’ll find a link to a “Vampire Phantasm” fan fiction I wrote. I created four Neverwinter Nights modules, two of which had varying degrees of vampiric content. The Rogues of Quinn part 2 has a little vampiric content, actually a homage to “From Dusk ‘til Dawn”, plus The Book of Shaddowe has a largely vampiric under plot. Unfortunately the planned plot developments were not progressed further as I found I didn’t really have the time to dedicate to developing part two.

The plot of Shaddowe was based around a Thief fan fiction I created, called The black Heart of Winter. Quite obviously I was a big fan of the Thief games, thus the “ttlg” in my online persona, as I was known, for some time, to post on the “TTLG” forums as Taliesin.


AtlanticVamp said...

Taliesin, just wanted to say hi and love the blog. See you at Leila's forum!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi atlanticvamp, great you could pop over here.