Thursday, January 07, 2021

Short Film: Dépression saisonnière

Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF, Dépression saisonnière, or Seasonal Depression, is just under 8-minutes long and was directed by Yohann Thiou.

Elisa (Vanessa Larose) is watching TV (Night of the Living Dead) when there is an insistent knocking at her door. Reluctantly she answers, letting in her friend Vincent (Mathieu Lorain Dignard), who wants to know why she isn’t coming to the party; indeed, she hasn’t been to any parties lately. Elisa is depressed and, having checked on Google, she thinks it's due to the winter season. Vincent is incredulous – winter is the perfect time of the year. It is, she states, due to the lack of sun.


To convince her that it isn’t depression (certainly not related to a lack of sun) Vincent does what any self-respecting friend would do. He kidnaps a psychiatrist (Carmen Sylvestre) so that she can listen to Elisa and put her straight. He does, during the session, come up with the idea that her lowered mood might be down to the fact that all the blood in Elisa’s fridge is of the negative type. For he and Elisa are vampires… So, what will the psychologist diagnose, could a vampire be impacted by Seasonal Depression and will the psychologist get out alive? This is a neat little short that might use a mental health impairment at its core but is certainly not disrespectful to it.

The imdb page is here.

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