Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Short Film: Three in a Coffin

Eric L. Hansen’s short film comes in at approximately the 12-minute mark and is a cute foray into the relationship between familiar and vampire. What is interesting is that the film gives the familiar a new title of keeper, which is an unusual term for the role.

After establishing shots of a building, the film starts with a coffin. It opens as vampire Jami (Stephanie Quist) awakens and she awakens the other occupant, her mortal keeper Bo (Joe Casterline), and tells him she is hungry.

Blood Harvest

He goes out into the woods and finds a rough sleeper (Gerald A Thornton). He chloroforms the man and then hitches him upside down from a tree and cuts the throat, placing a jar underneath to capture the blood. Meanwhile, a barn door is pushed open. Another vampire, Teagan (Kadi Brazil) has awoken and can smell the blood.

Kadi Brazil as Teagan

She follows her nose, as it were, and sees Bo at work. He has filled three jars and is replacing the man onto the floor, covering him in his sleeping bag. She comes forward and takes a jar. When Bo looks round she is drinking the blood. They approach each other and he holds out a finger… she jumps on him and bites his neck, taking some of his blood. She stops and Bo suggests she comes with him… But can two vampires get along and share?

Jami and Bo

The short has the answer and this is worth a watch and, as I say, is kind of cute. It references Charles Baudelaire in the dialogue and works perfectly well as a short. The character Bo has a lot of mileage, I feel, and could stand further exploration in other vehicles. At the time of writing there was no IMDb page.

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