Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Short Film: Mr. Hush Legacy

The film Mr Hush was not the greatest film ever, but it had something about it that could have been exploited. Some nine years later (in 2019) director David Lee Madison released a short film that was a prequel set in Gettysburg, on the second day of the battle.

In truth this tried to be clever in the way it handled the battle but I think it was a little too empty and the film could have had the primary character, Stark (David Lee Madison), move completely away from the battle and it would have worked a tad better. However, as it starts, we hear gunshots but see scenes of peaceful countryside. Eventually we see him coming out of corn and, again, we only hear the battle.

David Lee Madison as Stark

He is grazed by a bullet, cutting his forehead (as it is a graze his fear later of bleeding out seems overly doom laden). He staggers until he comes to boulders and hunkers down. The sound of battle becomes fuller and he writes (and narrates) a letter to his wife that explores the futility of war. This is all well and good, but the sound of battle feels forced… as I say it would have been better having him stumble away from the battle so that his solitary actions felt more realistic.

Edward X. Young as Mr Hush

As night falls another soldier – Mr Hush (Edward X. Young) – appears and walks to where the man is. They both wear confederate uniforms and though wary, and unaware of the man’s commanding officer, Stark engages with him. To be honest I’d have had a longer engagement between them and less of Stark stumbling and sitting on his own. Of course, we know that Hush is a vampire…

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