Sunday, October 25, 2020

Short Film: Mutant Virus

A college effort, by the looks of it, and a budget of just $65, this is a 5-minute short directed by Jonah Henrickson and there isn’t a huge amount to say about it. A man (A.J. Brady) with a strange skin tone looks down on a group of people. A girl (Morgan Aranda) is nearby and he tells her not to worry – he’s a good guy.

The three below are vampires and are discussing the merits, or otherwise, of student blood. The girl, on request, gives him a ball to distract them (actually probably more get their attention) and he throws it. They notice him, now wearing a gas mask.

A.J. Brady as Blue Walker

One of them (Manuel Hernandez) knows of a vampire hunter known as Blue Walker, who is said to wear a gas mask. He is truly an immortal, and hunts vampires for fun, apparently. The other vampires are dismissive of this until he is suddenly down by them and fights them… It is in the fight choreography we see the greatest evidence of the amateur nature of the short for it is very unrealistic – but as I assume this to be a student film I can’t criticise too much.

Mickey on display

He calls himself a mutant virus, what this means is unclear. The fact that this immortal vampire killer wears a gasmask is an affectation, but the Mickey Mouse gloves, clearly on display, verges on genius. This isn’t going to be the best thing you’ll ever see, quite likely the opposite, but as an attempt to cut film-making teeth, it is what it is.

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