Sunday, September 27, 2020

Short Film: The Nightshift

Directed by Ed Cotton and released in 2020, The Nightshift is a short that comes in at the 14-minute mark and hails from the UK.

As the film starts we see Brewster (Lex Stephenson), I assume named for Fright Night (1985). As we first see him he is stood at the bathroom mirror – could it be that he is filing his teeth back?

Brewster works in an all-night shop on a garage forecourt. He arrives late to work – his boss (Ian Winter) less than happy. Brewster explains he hasn’t been sleeping well – to no avail. There isn’t much of a sense of time, so it might be that night or on another that he is approached by a woman, Susie (Emily-Jane Jones), who asks when he’ll be off – she needs walking home. Protection from werewolves or vampires, she jokes.


When he leaves the shop, she is waiting for him and asks whether he’d prefer her place or his. Hers he chooses. They get together but, of course, Brewster is a vampire and still has to work nights and make sure that he feeds. The film really has two themes – what happens when one isn’t honest in a relationship is one, and the second what happens when you want to change something about a partner, despite knowing that thing about them from the get go (such as their shift work).


Will the relationship survive – will he keep his fangs in (with her) and will she survive a vampire’s love? All revealed in the short

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