Saturday, September 05, 2020

Short Film: Anna

Directed by Richard Hamilton, this short film comes in at 20 minutes and, according to Amazon, was released in 2018 (at the time of writing this article I could not find an IMDb page to confirm this. It starts in a filter heavy graveyard and we see a man, Cory (Daniel Brown) walking when he is joined by a cloaked woman named Anna (Lindsay Harmon). They make out on a grave, with the name Anna on the headstone. The heavy filters made it impossible to state whether there was biting going on.

Cory wakes up, the scene before was a dream but we see a figure fade into the dark.


Cory is working on his car when his friend comes over. They banter and the friend then goes to pick up beers from inside. A woman comes over (its Anna) and surprises Cory who didn’t notice her approach. She is looking to buy the abandoned house next to his but her phone is out of charge and she asks whether she can use his phone to contact the realtor.

Lindsay Harmon as Anna

In a bar, presumably a little while later, Cory wants a shot. He tells the barkeeper that he hears screams coming from Anna’s place at night, though it is quiet during the day – obviously a vampire says a local wit. Cory also mentions the dream and the grave with Anna’s name on it. Anna and Cory have unfinished business it seems but it is business from a whole different lifetime.

Jess Edwards as the stranger

The issue I had with this, beyond anything else, was the confused and illogical (in places) narrative. Take a couple who bickered in the pub (seemingly irrelevant to the scene as we watch). We see them drive into the cemetery (it’s daytime) still bickering, he drops her off and literally seconds later a stranger (Jeff Edwards) picks her up, offering a lift that is rebuffed, a second later accepted and then he attacks her – he is a vampire and the one who turned Anna. However, his presence, his daylight actions and the actions of his victim all feel wrong.

That said, as I write this, it is on VoD at Amazon, so you can find out for yourself.

On DVD @ Amazon US

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