Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Honourable Mention: After School Lunch Special

A 2019 portmanteau film, directed by Andrew J Chambers this is a zero-budget affair that relied on gross out without the effects or acting to carry it through (born, of course, of the budget). Yet, despite this it did have the odd moment shining through – the concept of a performing zombie might not have been actualised well but the premise showed promise.

I did struggle with whether to include this, however, as the vampiric moment contains few of the tropes one would expect. However it does feature the tropes of lesbian vampires and bathing in blood (or showering, at least).

the vampires
So, this wasn’t a segment, as such, but a part that the film kept returning to – with the intent of titillation one feels – it really didn’t have a story. It literally, through the most, had two girls (Karla Force & Jennie Barney) kissing whilst being showered in blood – their skimpy costuming reducing as they went. So why vampires? Well, they’re being showered in blood but, mostly, because they are credited as vampire girl 1 & 2. Eventually the blood stops and we see them look at a victim (naked on a chair with his privates mutilated). He’s dead, they complain and decide to go out and get another. Fin.

So – no real story, low on (arguably without) definitive tropes but… a Fleeting visitation nonetheless. The imdb page is here.

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